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Mayor Vapaavuori to participate in the Urban20 mayors' summit
23.10.2018 15:28 www.hel.fi

Fighting influenza together – vaccinations for residents of Helsinki start in November
23.10.2018 10:45 www.hel.fi

Helsinki to host world’s biggest dance health event this week
23.10.2018 08:00 www.hel.fi

Helsinki metropolitan area mayors encourage residents to act on climate
23.10.2018 06:06 www.hel.fi

Strike affects a broad range of municipal services
22.10.2018 11:39 www.hel.fi

Helsinki elected as Vice Chair of EUROCITIES Economic Development Forum
19.10.2018 16:32 www.hel.fi

Helsinki enjoys a busy summer tourism season – new record for international cruise visitors
19.10.2018 11:32 www.hel.fi

HAM Helsinki Art Museum to determine its strategy
18.10.2018 14:39 www.hel.fi

Domestic water charges to go up by two percent
18.10.2018 07:39 www.hel.fi

Ressu Upper Secondary School returning to Kalevankatu in January 2020 – repair needs more extensive than expected
17.10.2018 10:05 www.hel.fi